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Genesis 5 

 1And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,

 2That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.

 3And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.



Manna Bible notes:
The Holy Bible and the Gospel of Christ.
The Holy Bible is more than a lengthy book! In fact the Holy Scriptures are a collection of books written by God through those he inspired to write. It was God who spoke and Man who wrote. Now as we read through the Bible, God's plan for us unfolds and by the power of His Holy Spirit, we can hear Jesus speaking to us. His message is clear and consistant throughout the whole Bible:
We have turned our backs on God (our sins), removing Him and His ways from His rightful place in the center of our lives. However God still loves us as sinners and is willing to overlook our sins if we will confess them and ask Him for His forgiveness. Then if we sincerely desire to choose God's ways and turn away from ours, we have chosen to repent. This confession and repentance is how the Bible tells us to prepare our hearts to ask and accept Jesus to enter and lovingly guide us in life.
A central lesson in the Bible is this: God, who is loving and full of grace, makes everyone an offer of forgiveness and peace. His son Jesus, who was without sin, poured out His blood until death as a sacrifice for our sins. Jesus suffered death on behalf of everyone and through ressurection overcame death for everyone. Because of God's love for us, Jesus endured the punishment on a cross that we all deserve. Now we need to repond to God's offer! If we choose to accept God's forgiveness through the blood of His son, we become new creatures and are part of His family with no fear of His judgement. However, those who are unwilling to accept this forgiveness through Jesus Christ are still under God's wrath and await God's eternal punishment in hell.
We sincerely hope all who hear the Manna Bible will be impacted by this Gospel message or lesson. It's why Jesus The Rock Project is working so hard to make this online audio Bible so special.

The Holy Bible is the gateway to life. Scripture is God's own commentary.
A gateway is a passage. The Holy Bible is the gateway to life itself. It is the Word of God. This gateway leads us through God's own commentary
on every aspect of life. It's His commentary and guide on the beginning, creation, history, science, religion, human relationships, good and evil, peace, faith, hope, love, truth, forgiveness, happiness, the Holy Spirit and the spiritual world, prophecy, revelation, the end, the afterlife, and God's plan for our salvation through Jesus Christ. If you have a question about life, you'll find the answer in Scripture, the gateway to life. The Manna Bible will help open that gateway with high quality audio, dramatized narration, original music and dramatic sound effects.

Read, study the Holy Bible daily! The online musical, narrated and dramatized Manna Bible mp3 audio format makes it easy.
Daily Bible reading will change your life! Anyone who reads scripture daily will tell you how much more fulfilling each day can be when you are focused on your walk with Jesus.
The online Manna Bible aims to make daily Bible study or devotion extremely convenient. Rather than carrying a hard copy of the scriptures around withn you everywhere during your daily travel, the Manna Bible is designed to play on your ipod, blackberry, palm, cell phone, handheld pda, cd / dvd player, laptop computer, or any other portable audio mp3 device you may already carry with you.

The best music, narrated with feeling, in high fidelity audio.
Bible study and reading is never a chore when its so easy to listen to. Because each book, chapter, and verse, has its own feel and meaning, an original musical soundtrack is written and recorded to match each accordingly.

Online Manna Bible Scripture Versions - King James Version Bible (KJV), and Modern English Bible version (World English Bible adaptation)
The King James Version Bible is the time-honored Bible translation favorite of many who read and study scripture. God's spoken message of truth is powerful in the King James text full of poetic imagery. It's important to note the King James Version Bible text is in the public domain which means it can be legally copied and shared, printed and reprinted, recorded and re-recorded without permission or payment of royalties.
In addition to the King James Version Bible the Manna Bible offers a modern English Bible translation. This contemporary Bible translation, an adaptation of the World English Bible, is the old and new testament put into modern English spoken today. While written and spoken language may change over time, the Word of God never changes.

The online Manna Bible is the best way to copy and share audio scripture - free and legal.
The modern English Bible text of the Manna Bible (adapted from the World English Bible) is similar to the New International Version Bible (NIV) from Zondervan with the exception that while the New International Version Bible (NIV) is not in the public domain, the Manna Bible text, both King James Version Bible and modern English Bible IS! So while the New International Version Bible (NIV) cannot be legally copied and shared without permissions and fees, the Manna Bible modern English Bible, like the King James Version Bible, can. This makes the online Manna Bible the first choice for legal and free sharing/spreading of scripture on the internet (the world wide web) or just making cd or dvd copies and passing them around. We only ask that you don't sell them.

About the New International Version (NIV) Bible and the Manna Bible
The Zondervan New International Version (NIV) Bible is a very easy to read modern English Bible translation. The New International Version (NIV) is maybe the standard by which a modern English Bible is measured for ease of reading a verse in plain everyday English. The New International Version (NIV) Bible has this strength. Communicating God's word is paramount for any Bible project and therefore the New International Version (NIV) Bible remains an effective tool for Bible study, lessons, inspiration, evangelism, etc.

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